Purchased this tyre dressing a few months ago from Nick @ Excel. Pretty good product, easy to apply, I recommend a minimum of 2 applications and the results will speak for themselves

Brilliant product, very easy to use and has a pleasant scent to it, I did a panel at a time, sprayed on and buffed off with a micro fibre, it left a lovely glossy shine to the car, would definitely use it again

Daniel worsley 20/02/2018

Absolutely fantastic, I put half of the sample bottle in a spray bottle and filled it up with 900ml of water, washed the car as usual, let it drip dry for a minute then I sprayed the solution all over the car, over everything, left it for a minute then pressure washed it off, instantly I could see the difference, I could virtually dry the car with the hose pipe, 1000000% recommend

Daniel Worsley 20/02/2018

Just used this and wow works amazing and with little effort buying the full size now

Dan 02/06/2017

Brilliant cleaning power, good value for money, few times I've nearly left it on to long because I've been distracted by the smell, peppermint rock smells amazing

Dan 27/05/2017

By far the best I have used, brilliant hydrophobic, rain just runs off

Dan 27/05/2017

Easy to use but must make sure it's fully dry or it will sling quite a bit

Dan 27/05/2017

Highly recommended, easy to use and makes cleaning the wheels so much easier

Dan 27/05/2017

PERL is a product I wish I'd had sooner. So versatile, with stunning results.

David Edwards 26/05/2017

Brilliant! This product does exactly as described. Easy on, easy off. Fantastic results quickly and easily. Delivery from CYR arrived the next day.

David Edwards 26/05/2017

Amazing stuff! Leaves windows gleaming with no smears

Jess 23/05/2017

After using TDG after hearing good things all I can say is good things, amazing product. I spray this on, leave, wash off. I now have a completely touchless wash on my wheels. Maybe spray a little bit of fallout remover afterwards but seriously impressed.

Rory Roscoe 02/04/2017

Smells amazing, but caused interior glass to fog up quickly.

Rory Roscoe 02/04/2017

Easy to apply, excellent protection from dirt and brake dust. Did 2 initial coats, then just shampoo and mitt kept clean all summer - Carchem is now one of my trusted brands. Highly recommended.

Phil 30/03/2017

This was the first time i use anything other an wash and wax shampoo form Halfords (still have bottle and half left to use) , the instructions said put a couple of cupfuls into a bucket and froth up with pressure washer but i put 3 in (one for luck) and had more foam than to know what to do with. once started to put on the car the suds was plentiful and work a treat. you will have to try this product as it was worth it must buy

Ghris G 19/03/2017

Effortless and removing tar, the best one I,ve used to date.

Paul Taylor 20/02/2017

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