andy 14 Apr / 2015 696

It has been worth the wait but news was released today of an agreement reached between CYR and Juicy Details. This is bigger than an EU referendum or a Peace Treaty. From next week, customers of CYR will be able to choose selected Juicy Details products within the selection. Watch this space......

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andy 12 Apr / 2015 965

The Day No Detailer Should Miss

I will be off here again later in the year, at the end of July, travelling down the M6 to Coventry to mingle with like minded car cleaning fanatics.

The biggest detailing event of the year happens on one day only. In 2015, the date to clear your diary for is Sunday 26 July. If you went in 2014, you’ll know what to expect. A hands-on day of product testing, demonstrations, bargain-hunting and socialising. Waxstock are adding more of a tuition element this year with the CAR CLUB BOOT CAMP, as well – so if you’re new to the scene, or want to improve your techniques, there’ll be plenty of professional detailers to assist. Remember, this isn’t just a trade show. It’s a great day out and the best detailers’ shopping trip of the year. You could even make a weekend of it, with great B&B rates from the on-site hotel, live entertainment in the Casino bar (yes, there’s a Casino at Ricoh Arena that’s open 24 hours) and a host of bars and restaurants nearby... it makes Waxstock the ultimate detailing meet.

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andy 10 Apr / 2015 894

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new website.

After a good few months of faithful service, we thought it was finally time to retire the old site and replace it with a slicker, more advanced mobile and tablet ready website. So what’s new? We’ve refreshed the content and tied it all in with our social media activity, as well as introducing a fresher and more dynamic “Latest” section which will keep you informed on what we’re up to and any useful insight we think is worth sharing.

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andy 09 Apr / 2015 3063

Dark coloured cars can be troublesome for their owners as they show up every little imperfection and scratch. Luckily there are products out there which can help prevent damage to dark coloured paint. One of those products, which will help, I will be discussing today in this Dodo Juice Purple Haze review. This wax is slightly more expensive than its competitors but the results, in my opinion, are completely worth it.

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andy 09 Apr / 2015 2089

Are you looking for a wax which will protect your car through the harshness of winter? Or maybe you live in an area with high pollution levels which case paint contaminants. The Collinite 476s is one of the toughest waxes on the market and repels dirt with ease. Some people claim results lasting a full year with only two thin applications, in my experience 6 months is more common. This Collinite 476s review will share my thoughts and experiences about this excellent wax.

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