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I have come up with an idea where I have a list of products, a menu if you like, of different products from different manufacturers where customers can select and choose specific products from that menu they actually want to try.

For example, a client ordered 7 x 100ml samples of different snow-foams so they can choose which one they get on with and which performs better for them. A particular foam that I recommend may work really well for me on my car but not so good for someone else in a different part of the country with different hardness of water on their car for example.

Being able to choose a number of different samples is a much more efficient and exciting process instead of paying in excess of £10 for a litre of foam from just one manufacturer that they may not get on with and not use again. A waste of money. Repeat the process a further 6 times and that is a lot of money wasted in finding the right product for them.

Once they find a product they like then that is a potential sale for the manufacturer from them liking the product and settling on that product after merely trying a sample purchased from Clean Your Ride.

All products sold by CYR are a 100ml sample unless otherwise stated.

Clean Your Ride Samples Box